Day 1 – TEFL Iberia in Barcelona

3 months or so ago, I decided to send myself off to Barcelona for a month to learn how to teach English as a Foreign Language. Now I’m here, it’s finally hit me what I’m actually doing: 10:30am until 6:30pm of tuition with only an hours break and 4 days of actual, real genuine teaching per week. It’s a lot!

The school I’m studying in set up my accommodation and I’ve ended up living in a 4th floor flat (with no bloody lift) with two Spanish men – so I get to practice my Spanish when I get to the top of 834638423 stairs, which is handy.

This morning, after a 40 minute walk to the school, was just a general introduction to the course, learning about language playing games as ice breakers with new classes and then them throwing us into our first class. It was only 20 minutes playing a game with 7 or so students but it was still very daunting – it was also being observed by the 8/9 other people on my course too. My section of the class was good (I think / hope) – despite some of them just giving me the most vacant and blank stare not having understood a word I just said. Teaching is a whole lot harder I expected. Some students in my class spoke very minimal English so there’s going to be a lot of slowing down, repeating and acting out words in my future I think.

Tomorrow, I’m apparently teaching another class to a more advanced group on “Social Media”, so hopefully I feel a lot more comfortable about teaching tomorrow. I’m now just sat here cooking a €1 pizza and trying to scrape together some ideas.

I’m not sure what else to say but everything is so hot and I’m yet to stop sweating.

See ya x



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