Day 2/3 – TEFL Barcelona

I’ve decided to make it my mission to walk into school everyday. It takes about 40 minutes, but seeing as its about 28oc most days when I leave the house, I can’t not walk. Once I get there, my days are split into “Input” (so us learning how to teach), “Lesson Planning” and then teaching in the afternoon, so its really varied.

On day 2 and 3 of my TEFL, I’ve actually been able to lead some *proper* classes. On Tuesday, my course friend (Ayesha) and I led an upper intermediate class on social media. After 2 hours of planning the lesson beforehand, we collectively taught for an hour about its effects on young people, whether its positive or negative for society and whether it intrudes on our privacy etc. It went well despite running out of material for my section!

Today, we had a Polish class for an hour so we could be put into the shoes of the students. It was interesting (even though Polish is the hardest bloody language) but incredibly daunting, so I definitely now understand better why some students look at me with absolute fear.

In the afternoon, Ayesha and I took half a class each again and taught the differences between the Present Perfect (I have spoken to him…) and the Past Simple (I spoke to him). It went a lot better than the day before and I received some really good feedback and advice from my tutor. I have finally mastered the art of channeling my nerves into enthusiasm and a lovely fake but seemingly believable confidence. Obviously I still have a massive way to go, but I’m really happy with how everything is going so far – no major disasters as of yet.

Everyone on my course are really nice so that’s made this whole experience a whole lot more enjoyable.

tefl teaching
Wednesday’s Grammar Lesson

A fun little titbit for you – after teaching this class, our tutor informed us that one of the students had been stuck in the lift for the last 2 hours. I wouldn’t want to have been her, especially in this heat.

I finally did a big-ish food shop so I’ve now officially eaten after 2 days of just snacking and eating crap. However, guess what? The sweating continues. My room has no fan, so it’s either have my bedroom balcony doors open all day with busy street noise outside or sleep in a quiet sauna.


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