End of Week 3 & Friends Come To Visit!


This week has been even busier than the last two weeks – I didn’t know that would even be possible but TEFL Iberia / my social life are truly testing me. All my assignments have now been written and the finish line is now in sight. I feel as though I’m finally starting to understand this TEFL-business. My classes are definitely getting better and I got great feedback from one of my assignments so I’m really happy. I somehow managed to get the only ‘A’ of the course! I can definitely see myself progressing throughout the course. Our tutors give us such extensive feedback on everything we do so it’s easy to keep up to date with your personal progress. For one of my assignments, one of my classes was recorded and I had to critically analyse it. If you’re a teacher and you’ve ever been recorded, you will know how bizarre and cringe-worthy it is to watch yourself in action. For my second assignment, I had to write up two private classes. I had two classes with one student and I had to analyse how well I assessed his particular language needs and produced a lesson based upon them. The assignments weren’t anything too heavy – especially when you compare them to my usual university level essays. To be honest, I don’t know if I’m ready for this all to end. What will I do with my days? Although I’ve moaned about how tired I have been all the time and how intensive this course is – I’ve learnt so much and met some great people along the way!

I must admit though, this week was spent with friends and work has definitely taken a back bench. On Monday night, my friend Verity came to visit for one night. It was so nice to see her and we just spent the night catching up with each other over dinner and drinks.I discovered the beautiful art of the ‘clara’ – For some reason, I decided two litres of it was an appropriate amount. It hardly contains any alcohol but after a whole day at school and 30 degree heat, it is the right way to end a day.

The next night, one guy on our course, Jason, offered to cook a couple of us some Indian food. It was nice to chill with my course mates outside of the usual library / classroom setting and relax for the evening. It was a massive bonus that he’s a chef back home in Geneva so the 10 minute walk to his house in skinny jeans was more than worth it. He made a vegetable curry with homemade naans and saag aloo!


Then, from Wednesday, my friends from home, Jorge, Alice and Hannah arrived to spend a couple of days in Barcelona. It has honestly just been food, after food, after cocktail. It’s been nice to explore yet more of the city and to have someone to do it with!

The first night was extremely chill as Hannah had flown in from St.Lucia, Alice had lost her bag and was very stressed and Jorge was just Jorge. Jessie took us to a tapas restaurant just at the end of the road. It was filled with locals and is rated in the top 10 of tapas restaurants here in Spain. The food was as you would expect – incredibly cheap, massive plates and very very tasty.

The next night, when everyone was a bit more rested, consisted of a very good Vietnamese restaurant in the old town along with a trip to First Bar. I first went to this bar last year when I came with my university. It’s a small little bar off the beaten track, it’s covered in Post-It notes, the drinks are very cheap and it’s such a nice atmosphere in there! After a couple of €5 mojitos (which were so ridiculously strong), we stumbled home.

The next day consisted of a lazy morning and then a visit to Parc Güell, a place I was yet to visit. It was nice to see Barcelona from a more arial view and explore another part of the city. Then, on advice of a girl on my course (Georgina), we went to La Lluna. It was the most incredible restaurant. They have 9 menus which change weekly. It’s 3 courses for €16.50 and they were so well presented and tasty! The setting and general restaurant was overtly fancy and not what I’m normally used to but it was still very lovely. It’s nice to feel as though you’re living vastly above your means.

Today, we headed to a hidden gem. It’s an open air pool on the top of Montjuïc. It was in my school’s welcome pack as one of the best places in Barcelona and I will be forever in their favour. It was €6.50 to enter but it was so worth it – I couldn’t stop staring at the panoramic views of the city. We just sunbathed and swam all day. Afterwards, Hannah and I took a trek up the mountain to see the castle at the top and to see the harbour/port area.

This week has drained my bank account and all of my energy. Next week should be a lot calmer but I have exams and assignments to hand in. Let’s hope I survive.

See ya x


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