End of TEFL & Final Thoughts


The last week of TEFL is over and I am officially an EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teacher. It was a pretty ridiculous and incredibly busy week. Both of my last 2 assignments were due in, 2 more hours to teach and then 2 exams to sit on Thursday. I am now pretty much half the man I used to be and I’m now resting back home in the UK and recouping! It wasn’t helped by the fact that on Monday night, when I really needed to study and rest, my housemates decided to have 8 friends over for dinner and a game of blind wine. Not that I’m complaining though, the food was pretty great and it was actually really nice to have a chat with some Spanish people and not think about the in depending doom of the last week. I had to excuse myself at midnight because, after 4 glasses of red wine, I was falling asleep on the sofa.

On Thursday, I was let out of school early so headed back to my flat early at around 2pm. I decided to take a very, very, very long walk around Barcelona. I started at La Boqueria (Barcelona’s most well-know market place) with a €1 Coconut and Strawberry Smoothie, moving onto a little stroll around the gothic quarter (my favourite place in Barcelona), and then onto the port area and the reasonably sized shopping centre there. Finally ending up at the beach. I probably walked around 6/7 miles in the end, just aimlessly strolling around the city by myself with my earphones in and taking loads of pictures. I finished the day with having my first ever “Table for One, please” dinner alone. It was surprisingly nice to spend the day by myself and seeing all the parts of the city I hadn’t had time to see before. It was a nice way to say well done to myself after sitting my English Grammar and my Teaching Principles exams.

Then came the end of the week and the official end of our 4 weeks at TEFL Iberia. I got my exam results back (97% and 87% – I was very impressed with myself) and so, after teaching my last class, we had all finished. It was kind of surreal – it didn’t seem right that it was all over. After spending 4 weeks, day in, day out, in a school with the same people doing very similar things, it was weird for it to be over. To our, and our tutors’ surprise, the students had organised and surprised us with a mini-‘gracias y adiós’ party. They brought beer, snacks and fizzy drinks to bid us farewell and to thank us for being, and I quote “the best teachers”. It was such a nice way to end the experience and I tried with all my might to not get emotional. After that was all over, we headed to a bar on Passeig de Gracia with a couple of our tutors and continued said celebrations until about 11pm.

On my last day, Jessie and I headed up Tibidabo mountain. It’s the highest point in Barcelona which boasts a stunning church and a modest theme park at the top. It was the last ‘peak’ that I wanted to go up in Barcelona so I’m glad I ticked it off my Barcelona bucket-list. The bus was €2.60 one-way up the mountain (it would have literally been impossible to walk up it) so it’s definitely worth the visit if you’re ever in Barcelona.

So, at the end of it all, would I recommend TEFL Iberia? Most definitely. Yes, it is expensive. It’s €1,400 if you don’t book in advance, but I believe if you book 6 weeks (?) ahead of time, it’s €1,250 (which is what I paid). The accommodation can be arranged by the team at the school and is around €400 for the month, unless you want to do it independently through AirBnB etc. Then of course, spending money. If you want to be a teacher in Spain, and have a spare €2,500, it’s a pretty amazing way to spend a month of your life, doing something productive which will have a real benefit to your life / career. Everyone at the school were amazing and gave the most detailed feedback after everything you did. It was probably one of the best experiences I’ve ever had!

Thanks for keeping up to date with my TEFL experience!

4 weeks and counting until I take a one way flight to Sevilla so stay tuned for another Spanish adventure!

See ya x


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