Seville Series / Real Alcázar

Guess what? I am an actual resident of Sevilla, Andalusia. I have a pair of keys to an actual real flat with a bull key chain and I haven’t stopped sweating in 72 hours so, it must be official. 

I’ve been in Sevilla for 3 days now and I’ve had a decent amount of time to explore the city which I’ve chosen to be my home for the next 9 months as I complete my Erasmus+ programme – and I have to admit, I am more than happy with my choice. It’s a beautiful city, with a ‘typically’ Spanish feel. As a student of Hispanic Studies, I should be able to use somewhat more eloquent descriptor of the city, but it’s just so goddamn Spanish.

But, for now, welcome to Seville Series. A blog series in which I give you personal recommendations of places and things I have loved so far about Seville.

Today [9/9/16], I took a trip with my friends Chloe and Anna to the Alcázar of Seville. According to it’s leaflet, it has a history stretching back over 1000 years and is one of the most complex and important buildings in the world. It sounds like quite the statement, one which I wasn’t sure it would live up to, but it certainly did. This Islamic palace was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. With a labyrinth feel to the entire place, it was very easy to feel lost and confused as to where you were. From the detail of the tiles throughout its interior, to the extensive gardens, it is definitely a must-see site of Seville. If you’re a student, make sure you take your student card because you’ll get in for €2 as opposed to the normal €9.5 entrance fee. If the gardens and the stunning buildings weren’t enough, will the wild peacocks that roam around its gardens tempt you?

The pictures below really do not do this building justice. It sounds so horribly cringy to say, but it has to be seen to be believed.

I personally spent about 3 hours here all together, so even if you don’t have a student card, it’s more than worth the money. Don’t forget to take a lot of water to save yourself buying it within the palace itself (save yourself some €) and if you’re feeling super prepared, take some food of some sort in with you to eat in the gardens, most of which are shaded. We made the mistake of using the coffee shop in the Alcázar and it ended up costing my friends something ridiculous like €4 for the smallest piece of pizza the south of Spain has ever seen.

I’m planning on doing a regular blog while I’m out here so keep an eye out!

See ya x


11 thoughts on “Seville Series / Real Alcázar

  1. I went to the Alcazar a few weeks ago and loved it! Great photos of it, but it definitely is very beautiful and hard to do justice. I’m in Seville until Feb and have written a few blog posts on it so far so feel free to check them out 🙂


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