7 Weird Things About Spain

So, I’ve been in Sevilla, Spain for a month tomorrow. It’s flown by so quickly, ridiculously quickly in fact. But, having spent a decent amount of time in Spain now, I’ve started to notice a series of things which are very different to England. I mean, I’m not saying they’re wrong, just different. So, let’s take a look!

  1. Nadie tiene prisa. And when I say no one is in a hurry, I mean nobody. EVERYONE in Sevilla is so stupidly relaxed and chilled out. I am yet to have someone try to push past me in a hurry nor have I seen someone even go faster than walking speed. Nor have I seen anyone stressed or panicked. Waiters could have a packed restaurant but are they worried? Of course not, it’s Spain. The Spanish don’t seem to sweat the small stuff at all. Find me a stressed out Spaniard and I’ll delete this post.
  2. Where is the fresh milk? This one will be short because it’s annoying the hell out of me. Fresh milk doesn’t seem to exist. I have searched high and low but milk isn’t milk here. It’s all UHT milk, sat on a shelf, being all warm and processed.
  3. Beer for breakfast? Sure! The Spanish’s attitude towards drinking is so much more relaxed. Drinking is a social activity to be enjoyed together with friends and weirdly, the aim isn’t to get drunk? I have seen many a Spaniard drinking beer at 11am, or even earlier. Do that in England and everyone at the bar/restaurant will be whispering or staring at you from behind the bar. 

  4. “Oh, you’re cooking at 6pm? Is that a late lunch?” It’s as if the Spanish work on a different time zone when it comes to food. In England, I would normally start cooking dinner around 5:45pm and then eat at around 6:30pm. Here, I dare to do it. “Dinner” starts at 9:30pm/10pm, or even later. For example last night, I went to a restaurant at 11:30pm. No eyebrows raised, 100% completely normal. Many other people were doing the exact same thing. I mean, it’s great. You eat dinner then can go straight to bed, it’s amazing. 

  5. “Where do you think you’re going? It’s a Sunday!” I used to moan so much that the Sainsbury’s near where I used to live in Birmingham closed at 4pm, imagine that? Me, meaning about a shop closing early? Here, everything is closed on Sunday. Legitimately everything. However, to compensate, most high street shops (H&M, Zara, Mango, Bershka etc.) are open until 9pm during the week.
  6. “Guys, I’m gonna head home” “No you’re not, it’s 2am”.  Many a night in the UK I have started pre-drinking at 9pm so I am completely ruined come 2am that I am heading home by myself in a taxi desperately trying to resist the urge to go via McDonalds drive thru. I have had two nights out so far in Spain. One ending at 7am with me getting the bus home with commuters and the other at 5:30am. People in Spain just seem to party until a lot later. I’m yet to work out why but I am yet to complain.
  7. Zebra crossings do not mean you’re safe. In England, if you see a Zebra crossing, you can walk, right? Well, not here. Some zebra crossings have a green/red/go/stop system, which would be fine, if the cars abided by it to, but they don’t. A sign could be telling me to go, so I go, and here comes a bloody car about to hit me. Crossings are now my enemy.

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