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Since arriving in Sevilla, I’ve had quite a lot of down time and as a result, I’ve been able to rewatch a lot of films that I love. I have to admit, I’m much more of a movie person than a TV series person – I just really enjoy sitting down with a film in the evening with my dinner, I tend to lose interest in films all too easily. I’m  a fan of films which make me think, or are documentary in some respect. I find any film which tells a story of a real life, or a real life event, without being overtly factual and historical really interesting. I’m really into films which talk about and discuss experiences of minority communities. I thought that for this blog, I would share some of my absolute favourites with you.

Todo Sobre Mi Madre (All About My Mother)


I know, you’re probably yawning. Foreign language films are the absolute worst because you have to spend your 2 hours or so reading subtitles. I know, I understand. But if you can get past having to read your way through a film, you will adore this Almodovar classic (Or if you speak Spanish). I’ve been watching this film a lot recently as I’m thinking of writing my 4th year dissertation on its representation of transgenderism and queer agents. This film is very much dedicated to women. From its strong visuals and heartbreaking storyline, you will not forget this film for a very long time. It touches on motherhood and an array of LGBTQ+ issues and most definitely worth the watch.

The Help


Set in 1960’s American (Mississippi, to be precise), the film follows the story of an aspiring journalist/writer wanting to write an exposé of the life of black women working for the affluent white community. Very much about the civil/human rights movement, this film documents the severity of racism and racial oppression that existed in the 20th century, and highlights the ordeals which black people faced, and still continue to face today. Inequality and race relations are central to this film and it certainly an enlightening watch. This film is also based on a book as well by Kathryn Stockett if you wanted to read it instead.



This film follows the heartbreaking story of Precious and her journey from self-hatred to self-determination. Raped and impregnated by her father, living at home with her emotionally and physically abusive mother, unable to read and write and the brunt of everyone’s jokes, this film will tear your heart into two. When I watched this film for the first time, I cried so much within the first 20 minutes or so, I just had to turn it off and forget about it. The second time around, I was feeling a lot more emotionally stable and I managed to make my way through it! This film will make you feel a real plethora of emotions. Before you sit down to watch it, bring some tissues and some comfort food.

The Weekend


Set in modern day Nottingham, England, this film follows one weekend between two men who met on a Friday night. One man, freshly out the closet and still very much coming to terms with his identity and his sexuality, and another a sexually confident and extroverted artist. This film follows how one person can change your life in unexpected ways in just a matter of days. It has a very ‘real’ feel to it, its filmed in such an immersive and inclusive way so that you feel very much part of the story. No spoilers, just give it a watch.

Freedom Writers

Freedom Writers

Last but certainly not least, it’s this classic (well, in my opinion it is). The film centralises itself on a racially divided Los Angeles and a teacher who wants to change the world and make a real difference – like most new teachers. Placed into a new class in a new school, she faces real challenges making the students mix with each other and emotionally connect with her students. It sounds boring on the surface, but it is the stories of the students which come to light through their journals which she makes them write which make the film so interesting. The testimonial accounts of the students who had been left out with the trash by the school, this film is incredibly heartwarming.

A bit of a different sort of blog post from me, but I hope you enjoyed it!

See ya x


7 thoughts on “Film / 5 Must Sees

  1. Also, the amazingness of Weekend made me deal with two seasons of Looking…sometimes it was great, but sometimes it was torture. The movie Weekend was much better than the director’s series Looking, is what I wanted to say 🙂


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