Food / What I Ate Today

After an extremely gluttonous couple weeks filled with meat, rich sauces and a lot of chocolate – I decided it was about time for a change. My diet was starting to get me really down and I just felt really lethargic and heavy so I decided to go on a health kick and also, turn pescatarian. Something about eating meat just wasn’t sitting with me, morally and in terms of my body/overall health, so I decided to cut it out completely.

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks (and years really, it’s always been an interest of mine), looking at healthy recipes and “What I Ate Today” blogs, so I thought I would make one for you guys. I know they’re a bit cringey really, but seeing as I’m always scrolling through them, I may as well! I realise this isn’t a very curated “What I Ate” so please go to Deliciously Ella’s blog if you actually want some awe inspiring lifestyle inspiration.



Seeing as I don’t start work until 4pm, it means I can take my time with breakfast and make something substantial and actually nice, instead of just jam on bread! This morning I had half an avocado, two eggs scrambled with salt and pepper, fried mushrooms with wilted spinach, two small slices of toast and a regular cup of black coffee. This breakfast was super easy to make and set me up until my lunch at 5pm.



Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t look great, I’ll grant you that. And maybe a bit boring too. But it is super easy to make and actually tasty, and filling. I had cooked off loads of quinoa the night before so used the leftovers, with a tin of tuna, I then just mixed in some chopped cucumber and tomatoes, with a bit of iceberg lettuce and ‘mixed leaves’ (You know the weird bag of lettuce-looking stuff lazy people buy in a super market when they can’t be bothered to make actual salad?).



I tend to lose all will to live at around 7:30pm/8pm when I’m at work, so I make sure I take something to snack on. Today, I opted for a bag of toasted pistachios (without salt – I obviously didn’t eat these all), an apple and I make sure I drink 1.5litres of water during the day!

Dinner/Tea! (Whatever you call it)


I actually prepped the potatoes and the broccoli during the day before work, just to save myself a bit of time. So, for dinner, I boiled broccoli with potatoes (covered in a bit of oil, salt, pepper and garlic) with brown rice, two small fried cod fillets with a ‘salsa de piquillo’ (which is essentially a red pepper sauce). It looks a mess I know, I’m not very good when it comes to organising my food in an Instagrammable way, so forgive me.

Anyway, this has been a bit of weird blog to write and you’ve probably hated it. It’s okay, I’ll never do this again.

See ya x


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