Seville / On A Budget

Whenever you decide to go to a new city to explore all of its hidden corners, you want to be able to make the most out of your trip as possible. Whenever I go away to somewhere new, I spend at least a day on blogs, TripAdvisor, Instagram etc. searching for all the best places and things to do during my stay. But, the most important thing is that your visit is as cheap as humanly possible.

Although I am not the best budgeter when it comes to travelling, I’ve put my thinking cap on for your guys for this blog. So, let me give you to the low down on how to spend a weekend in Seville, on a budget! There’s a mix of attractions, restaurants, bars here. If you need anymore suggestions, feel free to comment!

Plaza de España – Why not start your trip with the most Seville thing there is in Seville, Plaza de España. It’s an absolute must visit when you visit Seville and incredibly impressive, a lot bigger than what it actually seems in photos. Of course it’s completely free to walk around. If you are dying to spend some money as soon as you arrive, you can rent a little row boat for 2-3 people for about 6€ for 30 minutes or so!

A late lunch in Alfalfa – Take a long walk up Avenida de la Constitución until you reach the Alfalfa area. Alfalfa is plagued (in the most positive way possible) with loads of bars, cafes and restaurants which sells really cheap beer and tapas. Don’t worry yourself too much about which place is the best, as most places in Seville are pretty good (I’ve had one bad meal in 8 weeks!). There’s no point recommending one as most tapas is around 2€ each, so it’s be around 6-7€ for two tapas and a drink!

A stroll around the historic centre – Seville’s roads basically makes no sense. There is no system whatsoever which makes it perfect just to walk around down loads of little side streets and just see where you end up! Finish up with your lunch in Alfalfa, pick a road, and just walk! You’ll no doubt come across the odd church. Also, you’ll probably come across loads of weird and independent boutiques, so why not do a little bit of window shopping while you’re there!


Toastada con Tomate y un café con leche – Otherwise seen on menus as “Café y media”, this is the most Spanish breakfast ever and one of the cheapest things you’ll ever buy possibly ever. It’s essentially a very large piece of toast, with olive oil and a tomato spread which you put on yourself. Normally priced at around 1.50-80€ for the coffee and the toast together, it’s a very cheap way to see yourself through to lunch.  (Let’s ignore the Coke Zero I had with this one!)


Metropol Parasol – Also known as “Las Setas” meaning “The Mushrooms”. This construction in the centre of the city is essentially a giant wooden parasol which you can pay to walk up to the top of and enjoy a drink. It’s €3 for your ticket which includes a free postcard from the gift shop and a free drink at the cafe at the top (Tinto de Verano, Beer, soft drinks etc.). Walking around the walk way, you get a pretty impressive ariel view of the city and it’s just a pretty good way to spend an hour or so!

Alcazar – I did a blog post a couple months ago on this place and you will be able to spend easily 3-4 hours here. The most beautiful building in all of Seville (My personal opinion anyway!), normal entry is bordering on expensive at 9.50€ but worry not, if you’re a student or retired, tickets are just 2.5€. Prepare to queue to get in or book online here.

Ice-Cream at Grazie Mille – Located in the Alfalfa area, this place does real Italian ice-cream. For a medium (2 flavours) it’s 3€! I can personally recommend the pistachio or the cheesecake, both literally incredible. Although it’s not really cheap when you think about it, you have to go, it’s incredible!


Bullring – Despite the ethical issues surrounding this very Spanish tradition, a visit of the bullring harms no animals, I promise you. Situated right on the river, it’s incredibly easy to find and to get to from wherever you are in the city. With tours happening every 30 minutes or so, with the guide talking in both English and Spanish, it’s a pretty good way to spend an hour. You end the tour inside the ring itself, where the bull and matador would fight. Normal entrance fee is 8€ but if you’re a student, it’s only 5€!

Cocktails at Alameda – Essentially a massive square filled with loads of bars, a mojito or a “copa” will only cost you around 4-5€, I wouldn’t pay anymore. All of the bars there are pretty similar in price and types of drinks on offer. Loads of outside seating too so you won’t be stuck inside. (I forgot to take pictures – Forgive me)

Cathedral – Every other day you have to pay for the pleasure of seeing the oldest Cathedral in Europe, on a Sunday, you do not. Head down to the Cathedral before 2pm and can save yourself that 8€ entry fee, or whatever they try to charge you to see a building. Part of the building is cut off for Holy Mass (which you can join if you want) but you can still explore and take pictures of the vast majority of the building.

Mr. Cake – Why don’t you spend a Sunday afternoon at Mr. Cake? I recently wrote a blog post on this place on my Seville Series. Serving the best cake (3€ a slice) and the best coffee, it’s definitely the best way to spend an hour or so with a good book!

Parque Maria Luisa – Located just next to Plaza de España, Maria Luisa Park is a beautiful and quite sizeable park which you can easily spend a couple of hours relaxing in the shade. If you’re feeling a bit more energetic, group bikes are available to hire (I’m 80% certain they’re available on Sundays too) for around €10 an hour! Go in the late evening and take some beers with you!

A Caña at La Gitana Loca – I heard about this place from other Erasmus students and I must admit I am yet to go, but they sell cañas (half a pint of beer) for 0.50€ so I just had to include it on this list. If you’ve been before (they have bars around south of Spain) do let me know what it’s like.

Cien Montaditos – A pretty well-known chain around Spain and perfect for a hangover or if you’re completely broke. Essentially, they sell a massive variety of mini sandwiches, filled with everything under the sun, including chocolate! There’s loads dotted around the city so you’ll never be far from one. They’re hardly michelin star food but it’ll get you through the day!

That pretty much sums up everything I can think of. Let me know if you live in Sevilla and can think of anything else to add to this list.

See ya



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