Granada / La Alhambra

Hello! As promised, here is my Granada blog post. Even though this trip was somewhat cut short, I just wanted to write a little blog about the Alhambra, which I managed to visit on my second day there!

I thought it was going to be impossible to get tickets to enter the Arabic palace and fortress complex after tickets online being ‘completo’ and hearing from various people that on the day tickets are pretty much unheard of.

Alas, Ayesha and I showed up at 9am sharp and managed to get our 14€ tickets (no student discount here I’m afraid) without any queues or difficulties which was a definite relief. Although, I must point out that is wasn’t exactly peak season (the start of November) and heavy rain was forecasted that day, so maybe people stayed indoors.

Getting there is relatively quite simple, it’s essentially just one big road up to the top of the ticket office. However, said big road is of course on top of a massive hill, I guess it would be pretty silly to put a fortress anywhere else, so just be ready for a bit of hike!

When we managed to get in, against all odds, we headed straight to Generalife. Upon a little bit of research, the gardens and the palace were a summer palace and country retreat for Nasrid Emirs of the Emirate. I wasn’t able to capture a lot of because the rain was pelting down by this point (although you can’t actually see it in the pictures?) and my phone was getting rather wet. Although, it’s a beautiful set of gardens and house!

Then we took a little bit of a walk and found ourselves at the Alcazaba (I say found ourselves because I literally had no clue where anything was). The views from the top of the ‘Vela’ tower, which is essentially a watchtower where you could easily stand for hours just looking at the views. There were incredible (thankfully the rain had subsided so I could finally take some pictures)!

After making our way all around the Alcazaba, we were pretty dead after already having two coffees and an 8am start to the day. We stopped off at a hotel (which was actually inside the site itself), I believe it was called Hotel America. It was just nice to sit down on an actual seat, in a very bizarrely decorated hotel and warm ourselves up. Bring cash though because as they don’t accept card payments below 20€, I very nearly couldn’t pay my bill.

After that, we headed to Palacio de Carlos V. To give an honest review, apart from a very impressive building/exterior there wasn’t much to see here. Once you had admired the courtyard and gone to both of the museums here, that was pretty much your lot. One museum was boring by anyones standards (about architecture or something?) and the museum of fine arts was marginally more interesting if you like antiquated religious paintings.

After a little bit of wait to get into Palacio de Nazaries (we entered the sit at 09:30 and got an allocated time of 13:30, which seemed a bit bizarre), although, the wait was completely worth it. There was a tiny bit of maintenance work taking place at the time of our visit but it didn’t detract away from the stunning building around it. This opulent Moorish palace was incredible! It would do well on MTV Cribs. Despite some incredible rude Spanish man literally pushing me out the way of him taking a picture of his wife, this was an all round good time.

When you’re finished up in the palace, you’ll exit out onto El Partal, another beautiful part of the complex to explore.

With the wait to get into the last palace, we were in the complex for just over 5 hours! We were completely and utterly knackered by the end of it all but it was so beautiful and so large that you didn’t feel like you were in a complex, more just exploring the city. If you can get tickets to this breathtaking place, I most certainly would give it a visit.

Aside from La Alhambra, Granada was a charming yet quaint city. I can’t wait to head back at some point this year and explore some more.

See ya x


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