Top 5 Apps for Travelling


This app/card/bank service has been an absolute life-saver for me in my first few months of being in Spain so I couldn’t start this blog with anything else. First of all, I need to thank my friend Verity for even suggesting this card in the first place! Run by Mastercard this card lets you send to anyone and spend money anywhere in the world without any international charges. Before I came to Spain, I had to send my landlord my deposit and first months rent, £25 Santander charged me! Now, it’s completely free. Simply top-up your card in £ from your normal UK card and then spend it all in €. The currency conversion rate they use is the actual conversaion rate, so they don’t rip you off at all. You also get a notification every time you spend money with the cost in £ and € so you can keep track of how much things actually cost! You may be a bit put off that it’s all online / on an app, but their in-app support services are actually really fast to reply and really efficient. Find out more here!

I was recently told about this app by my friend Yasmin when we visited Paris together a couple of weeks ago. Essentially a map service, but it works offline. I’d found a couple of others apps like this one but they were super laggy and never worked when I wanted them too. Simply download the map for the area / city you want, and off you go. Being lost without 3G (or if you don’t want to use up all your data allowance) in a foreign country is no longer a problem. It’s super detailed, super fast to respond and actually gives you the right directions. Find out more here!


Okay, so this isn’t an app that is actually going to help you when travelling, but it will help you when you’re wanting to remember it in months to come. I found out about this app when endlessly clicking through YouTube videos (I’m afraid to admit it but I think it was a Zoella video). It’s pretty simple, record one second of video everyday for however long you want to and at the end of the period of time, it’ll put it all into one nice video for you. I’ve been doing it on my year abroad everyday and watching it back every so often! Find out more here!

Google Translate 

This is so completely boring and I’m so sorry, but it is just so handy. This and WordReference are the apps that I use the most when I’m in Spain. Google Translate has an offline function which I find really useful when I’m on planes or trains with awful phone service or just without 3G. Google Translate app also has a camera function when you can translate text on a page in front of you and also a dictation function – Speak in one language and it’ll say it in the other. The translations don’t seem to bad either!


This is another app I’ve been using quite a lot on my travels. It’s essentially a travel guide for everywhere you could possibly imagine. Simply pop in the location, and up pops “See and Do”, “Eat and Drinks” and “Book Hotels and Hostels”. It also shows you weather forecasts and the currency exchange rates for the place! You can even download the entire thing to use offline! It’s just a really handy app for when you’re exploring somewhere new. Find out more here!

Some other apps I use a lot of are very much apps for Spain – TUSSAM (the city’s bus app), RENFE Cercanias (local train services in Spain!) and Tuenti (my mobile phone service provider!)

If you have any suggestions of any helpful apps, do let me know in the comments section!


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