Seville Series / Organic’s

Just another little Seville Series for you! This time, it’s a vegan and vegetarian restaurant called Organic’s which another Erasmus student here in Seville recommended to me. This place is another independent find and surprisingly really central, located just off one of the main shopping streets, Calle Tetuán.

This place honestly has everything a vegetarian or vegan could ever want or need. From breakfast to brunch to tapas etc., there appears to be something for everyone at any time of the day. Nothing is expensive really, all things considered, which surprised me considering that a lot of organic veggie restaurants in English will often overcharge on the fact that it’s “healthy”. They even have a Menú del Día (3 courses) for 7.50€, which includes a vegan cake for dessert, can’t shake a stick at that!

When I went, I opted for a Juice of the Day (Apple, Banana and some other fruit which completely eludes me for 2€) and a Triple Sandwich (Vegan Sausage, Vegan Cheese, Vegan Pesto and Salad for 6.95€). Jake went for a coffee and a Veggie Burger (5.95€, it also came with a small side of rice and a mix of mango, apple, tomato and advocado!) – all pictured below.

I was actually super surprised with this place. The food was cheap and of course, healthy and the staff were super friendly and made an effort to speak in English when they realised we were massive Guiris. When I first decided to cut meat out my diet, I was convinced that in Spain it would pretty much be an impossible job considering how meat crazy the Spaniards are. But alas, it hasn’t been as difficult as I first thought.

I definitely can’t wait to head back to this place and try their tapas menu.

See ya!


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