Music / 5 Favourite Albums

Hey guys! I did my 5 must-see films the other week (read it here!). So, I thought I would follow in the same vain and do a little blog post on my top 5 favourite albums at the minute. I’m very obsessive when it comes to music. In that, if I like an album, I will listen to it until I cannot listen anymore. These albums below have been on constant repeat for the last 3 or 4 months (apart from one which was only just released!).

Pretend – Seinabo Sey


I was introduced to this album a couple of months ago and I have been completely obsessed with Seinabo’s voice since then. This 16 track album has a very soulful and heartfelt feel to it and I feel like I’m learning some serious life lessons just from listening to her, she’s incredibly insightful and wise. Despite the very simplistic track titles, “Who“, “You“, “Still” and “Ruin”, this album couldn’t be more complex; it is simultaneously uplifting, energising, calming, melancholic and euphoric. If you just wanna hear a sample, listen to Words and Younger!

Mad Love – JoJo


If you didn’t know, the musicial legend JoJo herself has made a musical comeback since her last album 10 years ago which featured “Too Little Too Late“. 10 years on and she has definitely matured. In this album, she definitely comes across angrier, wiser and very much aware. Love is, of course, still a main concern for JoJo in this album but thankfully, it’s not as soppy and heartbreaking as Adele would do it. I would definitely recommend Music and I Am if you wanted a quick taster!

LoveBlood – King Charles


I know what you’re thinking, he’s beautiful, and you’re correct in thinking that. I recommend his older album, instead of his new one, just because although his more recent album “Gamble For A Reason” just didn’t hit the spot for me. His songs focus on courtly love and being completely and utterly infatuated with someone’s beauty, ora and existance. Although his lyrics are quite serious and depressing, “Lust only grows like anger and revenge, beauty comes and goes, but love stays until the end“, his album can very much be categorised by ‘upbeat acoustic love songs’ . Definitely listen to “Love Lust” and “Mississippi Isabel” if you have the time!

No Mythologies to Follow – MØ


This album is definitely the most electro-pop of the albums on this blog. I first heard parts of this album when she supported Years & Years on their UK tour (I went to see them in Birmingham and they were incredible!). MØ, originally from Copenhagen, Denmark, gives me Chvrches turns Bombay Bicycle Club come Banks vibes with this album and I am just so obsessed with it. I always play it when I’m blogging, studying or cleaning. It just motivates me to get off my ass and actually do something with my life. My favourite two songs are definitely “Fire Raids” and “Don’t Wanna Dance“!

Joanne – Lady Gaga


Okay, I won’t lie. When this album first surfaced, I really wasn’t a fan. I though Lady Gaga could have done so much better etc. etc., which is a lot of people I know were saying too. But, as I listened more and more, the album really grew on me. I think it was because it was so completely different to her other album that I just didn’t see it as “Gaga”. I’m starting to appreciate the country and almost folk vibe that this vibe has to it and how much more ‘real’ and I suppose ‘grounded’ this album is compared to the over the top flamboyancy and overtly extra feel to her more previous albums.  “Diamond Heart” and “Come To Mama” get me right in the feels, so YouTube them when you can!


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