Seville Series / Burguett

Welcome back to Seville Series, a series in which I give you personal recommendations of incredible places I’ve come across in Seville, my new home.

This week it’s Burguett, an independent gourmet burger restaurant without the gourmet price tags. I first discovered this place on day 2 of being in Spain when I went for a quick lunch with my friends Anna and Chloe. I went back a couple weeks ago for date night because quite frankly, endless Spanish food which mostly consists of a lot of tapas, can get quite boring after a while.

We arrived at 9pm and the place soon filled up. It’s not really that big inside so the 10 or so tables went pretty quickly (all Spanish people, no tourists at all!). The menu is pretty simple (and also available in English) and no annoying costs like at GBK, for example, in the UK where you have to pay for fries extra. They mainly do burgers but don’t fret, they also do the odd bagel and sandwich on the second page of the menu!

I was worried that the token vegetarian dish would be hideously bland and only on the menu because because it had to be. To my surprise, the tofu was actually really tasty actually. Jake went for the Goats Cheese burger done ‘very rare’ which he had absolutely no complaints over at all.

Two burgers with house fries and two beers came to 22€! So, if you’re in Seville and looking for a relaxed and chilled out date night away from Tapas bars and tourists traps, give Burguett a visit. They’re also on JustEat and do a take out!


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