16 things I learnt in 2016


2017 is here, officially. 2016 was a crazy year for everyone. And, as Kylie Jenner said, it was truly the year of ‘realising things’. In honour such a manic and event-filled year I would reflect on just 16 things I learnt in the past year. As you will discover, some of these are serious, and some of them are a little more lighthearted. I hope you enjoy!

  1. Do not tweet everything. Somethings are better left unsaid to the entire world.
  2. Going sober for an entire month is a lot harder than it seems and it will make you question everything. Don’t do it again.
  3. Some people do not want to be happy and relish within misery and sadness. You do not need them in your life. Distance yourself from them.
  4. Vegetarianism is appealing from the surface but is actually really not that fun.
  5. You’re much more capable than you think you are. If you’re afraid you can’t do something, just do it and see if you can. Don’t let the fear of inability stop you from doing something.
  6. “A lion does not concern himself over the opinion of sheep”, or however the saying goes. Just do what you want – everyone will always have an opinion on what you’re doing anyway.
  7. Avocado is nice but seriously overrated.
  8. Hostels are not worth the money you save. Book an Airbnb.
  9. Don’t change your life for anyone. Do what you want and other people can fit in around it.
  10. Starbucks is seriously overpriced. Drink less of it.
  11. It may not affect you but homophobia still exists and it is killing people everyday. Do what you can do fight against it.
  12. Your home is where you make it. if you miss home, change where you consider home.
  13. The relationship you have with yourself is the longest you’ll ever have. Focus on it.
  14. Friends come and go. It happens. Don’t be sad about it. It probably happened for a reason.
  15. Listen to your body. If you’re lacking something, you body normally tells you. Give it what it needs.
  16. Hummus is one of the most incredible foods in the world. Eat more of it.

I hope you enjoyed my little list. I’ll speak to you soon


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