dans le noir?

Although this blog doesn’t pertain to travelling, Spain or anything else of the sort, I wanted to write a little blog post about it as it was so… bizarre? (I don’t really know how else to describe it).

A couple days ago, my friend Jessie and I took a little trip to a restaurant called ‘dans le noir?’ in Farringdon in London. I heard about it from a friend here in Spain who had bought a loved one a meal here for Christmas so I thought I’d look into it as it seemed so intriguing. Essentially, you eat your dinner in the dark and you have no idea what you’re eating. And when they say dark, they mean the complete pitch black, you can see nothing.


We booked up well in advance (this place is super popular so I would advise booking well ahead if you want a table) and headed down. When you arrive, it looks closed from the outside and extremely unappealing, somewhat even dodgy. When you finally enter, you go into a low light room with a couple of tables in, nothing more, and some lockers. You’re greeted, asked for your reservation at sat at one of the few tables. The experience is explained to you and you’re given options of the type of menu you want and what you want to be eating. When I say this, you can chose between “Vegetarian, Meat, Fish, or Surprise”. After you’ve chosen, you put all your belonging in the lockers (you can’t take phones inside, well, anything that creates any sort of light). We chose Surprise in the end, which we kind of don’t regret (what we were given was just… random?)


Now, this place is far from cheap. The cheapest option is £46 for two-courses (what we opted for) and they go up to £89 or so for the Degustacion Menu, so save your pennies before you head there. Oh, and maybe stick to tap water, a glass of house white is £8 and a large bottle of water is £6.

So, what happens once you chose the menu options? We were paired up with two others couples and it turns out we would actually be seated with them. We were introduced to our blind waiter Fabio (Interesting fact: All the waiters in the restaurants are completely blind) and he explains to us what’s going to happen. He made us hold the right shoulder of the person in front of us as to form a line which he would lead and he took us into the pitch black dining room. He seated the ladies first and then came back for the guys and with that we were sat.

Fabio then explains what we have in front of us and encourages us to explore the table to make sure we know where everything is. We ended up chatting to the couple next to us who were our age and spent the whole time talking to them about what they were eating (they chose a different menu to us so it was nice to compare) and about what they do. It is the weirdest thing having a conversation with someone you can’t see and don’t know.

I don’t want to say what we had for Starters and Main but let’s just say this, there is not a chance in hell I would have ordered the main at a normal restaurant, nor would I have felt comfortable ordering the starter either – they were very far outside of the box. A lot of it I ended up eating with my hands as knives and forks were just not working in the complete darkness.

So, if you’re looking for an interesting date night out in London, and have £100 to spare (who fucking does?), I would definitely recommend heading here. All the staff are so friendly but I suppose you would be if you were getting £12 in tips (12.5% service charge) from every table.


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