Jerez / The Home of Sherry

This past weekend I took a day trip to Jerez. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a city in the south of Spain, even further south than Sevilla, and is the home of Sherry. With only being 18€ return with Renfe and a 2 hour round-trip, it was kind of hard to say no to going to see what it’s got to offer.

After a slight disaster of missing our stop and ending up in El Puerto de Santa Maria and having to get another train back to Jerez, we did in fact make it to Jerez in one piece. Note to self: never be so engrossed in conversation with your friends that you completely do not realise that the train has stopped.

We stopped off as soon as we got there to have a little breakfast but then straight after that we headed straight to the Alcazar. The first thing we noticed was how small Jerez is, everything seemed to be so close to everything else we were saying – we definitely overestimated its size.


The Alcazar was lovely and incredibly peaceful (no one else was there?). Although it wasn’t as beautiful or as grand as the one in say Sevilla for example – it was still definitely worth the visit. For something like 1.80€ to enter for students, it was worth it just to see the olive oil mill, the Arabic baths and the views from the walls. I’ll make sure to caption everything so you can see what I mean!  Even though it’s January, Jerez (and the south in general) is still incredibly sunny so it made the views that little bit nicer.

Then, we headed to check out the Cathedral. Now, I must admit, we didn’t actually go in. As a group of 5, we collectively decided that every Cathedral in the south of Spain looks very very similar, and it most probably wasn’t worth the 2.50€ entry for students, not even for the Instagram (check out mine here!). However, we caught a glimpse of the inside and it did look incredibly impressive if you’re not so used to seeing Spanish cathedrals.



After all this, we headed to a random palace which we didn’t expect much from. It’s name was Palacio del Virrey Laserna and it was probably the highlight of the trip for me. Now, although I wasn’t too impressed that they didn’t have a special price for students, we braved the €7 entrance fee and we were so pleasantly impressed. The tour of the palace was actually lead by the man who lived there and explained to us all about his family’s history, all of their belongings and essentially gave us a tour of his home. The gentleman was more than happy to conduct in English (instead of Spanish – thank God) and he was very very informative, and answered all of the questions we had about his life, his family and their history. I was told off for taking pictures inside the house (which is understandable) but here are two that I grabbed before hand. It was only us 5 and him walking around the house so it felt very personal, if not a little bit strange.

We then wanted to make sure we at least tried a glass of sherry during our trip so we headed to Tabanco San Miguel. It came well recommended by the internet (even though the food wasn’t *that* great – from what we found anyway). I was just thankful to sit down, eat some tapas and have a glass of sherry. We chose the one on the left of picture on the right hand side – San Pablo Oloroso. It was very strong and had a very distinct taste which I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget.



After finishing up, we were wandering around the city when an old man came up to us and recommended we go to a bar that he knew where a woman was singing. We’re not too sure why he approached us but we thought it was too weird of an occurrence to ignore – so we went. It was called El Rincon del Arte. It was this tiny little bar well-hidden down some back streets. She was such an amazing singer and at one point, a man got up and danced by himself in the middle of the room!


After that, we just wandered around the city and discovered that Jerez was a lot smaller and a lot quieter than we were expecting. After a little walk, we took refuge in an Irish bar (God bless the Irish) and had a couple of drinks there until it was time to get our 8:15pm train home. In review, Jerez was lovely yet small and quiet. It’s perfect for a day trip if you’re ever at a loose end in the south of Spain. If I were to ever go back, I would definitely take a visit of the Sherry factory – Tio Pepe.





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