A weekend in Berlin / Part 2

Day 2 (well, technically 3 but I’m not counting Friday as a day) had a very very relaxed start. After a full day of sightseeing on Saturday and then getting home slightly tipsy the night before, we were really in no rush. We took a short walk to a cute little cafe/restaurant round the corner from us (once again, great area!). It was called Bistro Bar Bateau Ivre and was a really nice place. It was very relaxed, the staff spoke English and the food was great. Below is a picture of my small muesli bowl with mixed fruit and a coffee, costing 6€ in total!

After a very slow breakfast, we headed off in search of Dead Chicken Alley. I had seen it mentioned in a couple of blogs as a really cool street filled with graffiti and things of the sort. Indeed, that’s exactly what it was. A tiny street hidden out of the way (we had to ask in a Spanish restaurant where the hell it was).  It was a lot smaller than expected but still really cool. Not necessarily worth the walk out of the way like we did to go see it, but if you’re passing, it’s cool. At the end of the street is the MonsterKabinet, if you’re visiting there.

On the street, there was a cute little cafe “Cinema Cafe” if my memory serves me correctly so we stopped for a couple of beers (very cultural of us). It was really nice inside. Filled with candles and film stuff, it was a nice place to spend an hour or so (we were really on a go slow). They also had free, super quick wifi and it was very relaxed inside.

Then, we stopped yet again. Honestly, I didn’t realise until writing this blog how much of a go slow we were on. This day was filled mainly with food, drink and resting. I guess that is what holidays are for? This time, we stopped to have some Currywurst. We had seen little stalls selling it constantly since we arrived so thought we better give it a try before we leave. Now, don’t get me wrong, it was nice. You can’t really get sausage, sauce and chips wrong, but it was by no means incredible. Still, I’m sure tourists are equally as unimpressed with fish and chips when they come to the UK.


After consuming our body weight in beer, food and everything else we could get our grubby hands on, we decided to start sightseeing again. We headed to Mauerpark where every Sunday, they have a flea market. We got some beer and started to have a walk around. The stalls were actually decent (I was thinking it would be a tourist trap where every stall was the same). But it was instead filled with vintage clothes, CDs, vinyls, handmade crafts, jewellery and everything else you could think of. Also, there was loads of food stalls. We ended up meeting up with one of Alejandro’s friends from Cantambria and her boyfriend and it was really nice to chat to some more Spanish people. Whilst with them, we watched a random group of strangers dance together in the pouring rain to some musicians who were playing. 3 degrees and the pouring rain did not stop these people – they were there for a good time.

Then, to end the day, we headed to the Cathedral (Otherwise known as the Dome? and it’s free on Sundays) and bypassed the famous TV tower on the way. We didn’t stay for holy mass but did have a sit down inside to shelter from the ever persistent rain and appreciated the beautiful interiors. I am now, however, bored of Cathedrals. I am banning myself from visiting any others.

After a very quick Vietnamese meal (we were once again dead and up for nothing more), we went straight to bed to prepare for our flight home at 4pm the next day. However, it all got a bit messy.

We got to the airport in Berlin 3 hours early, passed through security, were sat eating some food before police started to escort us out of the airport, although they wouldn’t tell us why. We were evacuated out into Terminal B and the airport was closed. To cut a long story short, we ended up missing our flight when the airport reopened due to communication failures at the airport. We had to stay one more night in Berlin, book onto a flight to Santander the next day, stay with Alejandro’s family for two nights and then drive back down in a rented car (which took 9 hours). The next day, I then went to Lisboa (blog post coming soon!).

It was a pretty rubbish ending (although it was so nice to go to Santander to see Alex’s family), but Berlin was great. I definitely want to go back at another point to experience some of its famous nightlife.


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