The Importance of Self-Care

“Taking care of yourself doesn’t mean me first, it means me too.”

My mum always says to me “With every high, always comes a low” and she’s so right. When you experience a duration of life which is non-stop fun, there will naturally come a time when you’re sat in my bedroom not feeling your usual happy, bubbly self. These lows may not have been caused by anything real or tangible, perhaps you’ve just exhausted a lot of energy on doing real life things or on being super sociable etc. I am a very extroverted person, but sometimes, I tend to exhaust a lot of my physical and emotional energy on other people and things which leaves me feeling deflated, rundown and exhausted. Or, of course, these lows could be caused by real life adult things when everything just comes crashing down at the same time. I believe its incredibly important to be able to get yourself back to your normal self, without the help of anyone else. I find a very reassuring comfort in being my own support system. But, the question is, what do you actually do during those occasional lows? What do you do to make you feel better?

For me, the concept of ‘self-care’ has been super important in making sure that I mentally and physically cope with my life without any major breakdowns or hiccups. Essentially, it’s about listening to your body and your head and giving it exactly what it wants and needs. It’s just doing a couple of small and seemingly insignificant things  to ‘nourish’ / help your body and soul. Sometimes you honestly just need a little bit of self-administered TLC and a bit of time to recuperate.

I know a lot of you are probably reading this and thinking that I’ve been spending way too much time on hippy / indie blogs and there is probably some truth in that, I won’t lie. One of my favourite YouTubers, Lucy Moon, talks a lot about mental health, alcohol addiction etc. She made a couple of good videos (Video One, Video Two) which I found incredibly insightful and interesting when it comes to self-care.

I just wanted to run you through a couple of things which I do to care for myself, to give me a bit of me time and to get my body back to where it needs to be:

(Disclaimer 1#: These are personal things which work for me and naturally, they are not going to work for everyone. Nor are these a cure for anything much more serious than you just being a little down and sad.

Disclaimer 2#: These may seem like a ridiculous list of silly things which a lot of people do anyway, this blog serves for people who just need a little guidance on how to shake and escape their seemingly inescapable low points)

  1. Rehydrate your body: A lot of the times I find that the reason I’m feeling low or down is generally because I’m dehydrated. I always forget to drink water and to rehydrate my body. My low points tend to occur at the end of a busy day when I have forgotten to drink water. Since I’ve been drinking 2 or 3 litres of water per day, I’ve found my mood has increased so much Pour yourself a glass… or five.
  2. Make a proper meal: Whenever I’m feeling really run and in a terrible mood, I find that it always helps when I make myself a meal which actually nourishes my body. You know, like vegetables and stuff. I know it’s so normal when you’re in a bad mood to want to eat ice-cream, pizza or just don’t eat at all (depending on the type of person you are), however, it’s more than likely that you body is begging for some nourishment and energy. Give it what it needs.
  3. Go for a walk (ideally near the sea, a river etc.): I find so much comfort in two things; being outside and being near water.Often I sit in my room during an awful low and I just don’t want to leave. However, the moment I go outside, I feel so much better. I’m lucky enough to live by a river in Sevilla which I walk to and sit by for a couple of hours to clear my head.
  4. Make your room a very calming space: I’ve found that my living environment affects my mood so much. I went to IKEA and bought a couple of fake plants, candles, some buddha statues and some fairy lights. It’s nice just to have a very relaxing and tranquil space in your daily life which you can come back to after a properly shitty day.
  5. Shower and brush your teeth: These two might find a little strange but I find they’re very refreshing. Whenever I’m just laying in bed having the worst day ever (for no reason), I force myself to get out of bed, have a quick hot shower and brush my teeth. I don’t know why this helps me, it just does. It feels like I’m starting the day again and thus a fresh start, maybe.
  6. Write down what you feel: I’m not saying do a Bridget Jones and pour your heart out into a diary with a bottle of wine and a tub of Ben & Jerry’s. But, just try and write down (on paper or even on your computer) how you feel and what’s going on in your head. A lot of the time I have literally no reason to be sad or down so when I can visualise my non-existent and stupid problems, it kind of helps.
  7. Treat yourself: This one needs to be carried out in moderation. But sometimes, you just have to treatyoself a little. Our favourites from Park and Recreation weren’t so wrong. If you have a favourite Lush product, order it for yourself. If you’ve wanted that jumper for ages, order it. If you want a new notebook, go out and buy it. Small little materialistic things can really help you sometimes.
  8. Avoid Intoxicants: This one I only learnt very recently. Alcohol and smoking does not help your bad moods at all. If you’re feeling down, the last thing you should be doing is going out for a night out in a the hope of ‘relieving stress’. When you wake up the next day with all that alcohol in your body, your mood will be so much worse and your problems still there.

I hope these 8 little tips have helped you in some way and I hope you start to feel better soon.

See ya x


2 thoughts on “The Importance of Self-Care

  1. Very nice post. It’s amazing how those little things can alter your perception.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep, they’re the smallest things which make the biggest difference. Thanks for popping by!


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