Seville Series / Parque de María Luisa

Welcome back to Seville Series, the series in which I highlight my favourite places to go and to eat in Seville. As my time in Seville is nearing to a close (which pains me to say), I wanted to write a couple more of these before I leave as to remember this incredible city.

I have frequented Maria Luisa Park a lot during my time here. Being only a 10 minutes walk from my flat, it’s a perfect place to spend a hungover Saturday in the shade. It’s such a tranquil, calming and peaceful area of the city. Although Seville isn’t exactly a bustling and busy city, it is still very nice to go to the park and relax for a couple of hours. Laying down there for a couple of hours with a blanket, under the shade of a tree is one of my favourite things to do. Take some work to do, a book to read or some music to listen to and you easily have yourself a whole afternoon filled.

This park is a sea of fountains, pavilions, walls, ponds, benches and orange trees. As you walk through, all you can hear is the songs of birds and people talking – it’s just the most beautiful and serene place. It’s a hot spot for dog walkers, young families and exercise groups who come here for a bit of ‘their time’. Now that spring (and very nearly summer is upon us) the park is even more beautiful than before. The flowers are blooming and there is just so much to take in and admire.

You could easily spend 2-3 hours here just strolling around and looking at all of the fountains they have and strolling through all the different parts of the park. It’s such a vast area that it’s very easy to get lost here, but that’s not always a bad thing. There’s also loads of little vases and pots hidden around the park which are the most intricate and well-maintained things – I love them.

There are plenty of kiosks around the park and you can even hire some bikes quite cheaply if you want to explore the park in a different way. I rented a huge bike with me and a couple of friends before for around 8 euros for 30 minutes – which is all we needed really.

So, if you’re ever in Seville, make sure you take the time to come visit this beautiful park and take it everything it has to offer. Plaza de España is right by it too so you can tick off two things in one swoop.

See ya x


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