Cooking Class in Chiang Mai

On the second and last day of being in Chiang Mai with my volunteer colleagues, we decided to do something that would really let us get a different view of the culture of Thailand. Before I went to Thailand, one thing on my bucket list (apart from seeing the elephants and having a couple of massages) […]

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Los Baños de la Luz

For my 21st birthday, I decided to go away for a couple of nights near to the beach. I wanted to explore a little bit more of Andalusia before I leave and after a little search on Airbnb and their map function, I came across an outside geodesic dome which was part of a spiritual […]

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Why You Should Do A TEFL Course

A TEFL is probably something which you’ve never considered doing before so this blog will hopefully serve to convince you to consider it. For those who are unaware, a TEFL is a Teaching English as a Foreign Language course which provides you with a certificate which allows you to teach English to non-English speakers. I […]

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